Melstasoft Sales Force Automation System is a software solution that automates sales distribution operations by using mobile devices to record the transactions performed. We have our own software solution with a variety of features and functions that is applicable to the relevant product distribution domain effectively. The entire solution is designed and developed by using the most effective and latest technologies that can market as a unique software solution approach.

The complete software solution increases the visibility on distribution and consumer sales with Mobile Application, a web-based monitoring system including tracking and integration with the core system. The system is able to issue invoices, place the order, and make any additional remarks at the customer point while issuing respective printed statements using the provided printer. And include advance itinerary planning and tracking, features to plan sales targets and track sales performance, define and automate promotion process, customized product categorization and route mapping as well as reporting.

SFA has the feature that routes can be customized according to the sales representatives’ requirements and has advanced itinerary planning and tracking. And the solution able to track outlet data by sales, geo-location, or defined scenarios. The specified features such as sales targets plans and track sales performance, define and automate promotion process, and customized product categorization. The system is able to manage the outlet region-wise, area-wise, territory wise, and route wisely. As the system able to track and create sales orders, returns, and POSM invoices through the mobile application and the web application.