The AYU (Life Insurance Administration System) is a web based solution using state of the art technologies to automate many of the life insurance operations. This solution is architected and developed keeping in mind that average user who desire user-friendly, less complex and straight forward solution to perform their day to day insurance activities. Also, this will be an end to end system that starts from quotation to policy exit.


The GBS (General Insurance Administration System) is a web based solution using state of the art technologies to automate many of the general insurance operations. This solution is architected and developed keeping in mind that average user who desire user-friendly, less complex and straight forward solution to perform their day to day insurance activities. Also, this will be an end to end system that starts from quotation to renewals and continue until customer exists.


IBS is a web based software product built on using cutting- edge technologies, with enormous flexibility for insurance broking firms to streamline their core operations with affordable pricing packages. IBS will enhance Insurance Broker firm's processing productivity by eliminating the time consuming worker process to click off a button. This proves a quick return on investment while reducing your operational expenses and drives your business to grow in the highly competitive market.


Teawei Digital Scale is a state of the art digital scale for plantation field operations which comes with platform and hanging models. It was specifically designed for the plantation industry aiming to connect the field and the plantation back-end system at the field level on a real time basis so that field operations can be monitored and tracked centrally. The scale is connected to a mobile application to make sure that the data is stored offline and communicated to the back end system securely depending on the data signal availability. The overall solution is user friendly and multilingual so that it can operate by even an unskilled staff of your organization.


Entrepreneur Management System which is a Digital Platform for Entrepreneur Development System is web based software solution which focuses on entrepreneurship and enterprise development for Entrepreneurs sustainable growth while facilitating increasing GDP of Sri Lankan economy. This product aims to digitize government entity (SED) workflows whose primary aim is to facilitate Entrepreneurs. The product is having mobile application extension which enables mobility while on the job. The system facilitates the Entrepreneur registration, define training programs, budget allocation and monitoring, program execution and progress updates along with the automation of internal staff works focusing on a paperless environment. The development officers of the SED can use the mobile app to facilitate Entrepreneurs by synchronizing with the core system for evaluation,progress updates and report generation. The product is mainly focusing on a paperless environment which enhances the public service provided by the SED who previously based the manual system.


WISDOM is a web based real time business intelligence solution, which helps the user to visualize measurements in different angles of dimensions in a user friendly manner. Collectively designer reports, analyzer reports and dashboards represents entire company KPI cycles, facilitating drill down mechanisms up to the root level information allowing deeper analysis of business operations.


Progensuite ERP is a powerful and feature rich solution primarily aimed at the manufacturing, distribution, retail and e-Commerce sectors. Our software is designed to help you achieve optimal business productivity and efficiency. Built on lean principles, ProgenSuite is highly scalable and has the ability to be your organization’s core business system. It is a highly capable ERP solution that increases productivity, profitability and efficiency. It can fully support both simple and complex manufacturing and distribution processes without the need for extensive modifications. The comprehensive system provides full visibility of real-time data across the business empowering people to make informed, timely decisions. Organization can also benefit from a smooth integration to customer portals, ePOS and e-Commerce websites. The power and core features of ProgenSuite can also be extended to smart mobile devices.


DocZilla is a Enterprise Content Management Solution (ECM) that allows businesses to control the production, storage, management and distribution of electronic documents, yielding greater effectiveness and the ability to reuse information and to control the flow of the documents. It integrates all essential document management, collaboration and an advanced search functionality into one easy to use solution. Further DocZilla builds a highly valuable repository of corporate information assets to facilitate knowledge creation and improve business decision making, boosting workgroups and enterprise productivity through shared practices, greater, better customer relations, faster sales cycles,improved product time-to-market, and better-informed decision making.


Project Management Software (PMS) is a web based system developed for manage project details and yearly budget allocation details which are undertake by the Western province Provincial Council and the other relevant 5 ministries which comes under the heading of Western Province. The system manages project details as well as allocation details according to its Vote, and the Budget allocated for the overall year. This system will generate precise information by disallowing duplicate data and more specifically, the system is designed to allow a user to enter and manage data, calculate the physical and financial progress monthly, image uploading for the progress measuring, user privileges maintaining, dashboard function to view the overall projects and process statues and finally generate reports which will be used for top level decision making.


Fixmart is a Complaint Management System which is a digitized platform to manage the process of handling, managing, responding to, and reporting customer grievances. Fixmart was initially implemented in Western Provincial Council as a internal Complaint Management System. As an example if there is a need of doing the repair in a floor, elevator anywhere else, the client/ user can leave a complaint through the Fixmart App. Then the complaint will be shown to a person who is in the supervisor level. After that, the supervisor level person will assign the task or the complaint to a technician through the app. Then the technician will get a notification that he has assigned to a task. Then he will fix the task and upload a photo of fixed issue. Once technician took the user's (who made the complaint) digital signature of confirmation and submitted, then the task status will be set as completed. This process will save the time and the paper works. Our team Melstasoft has been given the streamline approach and constant monitoring to ensure faster resolutions.

SME.LK (Sri Lankan's Trade Hub) is developed in line with the Small Enterprise Development Authority (SED), Ministry of Industry and Commerce. And also, a partnership with Lanka Bell, the truly Sri Lankan Telecommunication company together with Bellvantage Pvt Ltd. The concept of evolved with Sri Lanka’s current economic boost and, with our strategy to reach out to all corners of the island to empower and incorporate Small, Medium and Micro industries to be a part of the economic boost. Meanwhile, the main focus of this project is to help Small, Medium, and Micro industry businesses soar, by exposing them to a larger magnitude of clientele, locally and internationally. This will be done using cyber mediums and by educating these industries on Telecommunication, Marketing and Advertising, to face challenges of present-day clients.



SFA is a complete software solution that automates the sales distribution operation using mobile devices to record the transactions performed throughout the distribution process. This solution increase the visibility on distribution and consumer sales with Mobile Application, web - based monitoring system including tracking and integration with core system. The system can use to issue invoices, place orders and make any additional remarks at the customer point while issuing respective printed statement using the provided printer. This includes advance itinerary planning and tracking, features to plan sales targets and track sales performance, define and automate promotion process, customized product categorization and route mapping as well as reporting.