Government IT services have had a huge surge in recent times, given the rising population of employees  in the government sector. With the higher workload on the employees the government decides the need of automating the processes of some government offices; including, Western Provincial Council, Small Enterprise Development Division (Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs), Public Utility Commission of Sri Lanka,Judges Institute, Galle Heritage Foundation, Sugathadasa Indoor Sports Complex.

All above mentioned government offices are holding the projects namely, Project Management System, Complaint Management System (Fixmart),Entrepreneur Management System (Tycoon), Document Management System (Doczilla), E-library system and  Websites-services.

We are giving the solution for the Project Management System(PMS) is a web based system developed to manage project details and yearly budget allocation details which are undertaken by the Western Provincial Council. The system manages project details as well as project fund allocation details according to the Vote and the Budget allocated for the overall respective year. Through the system it will generate the precise information by disallowing duplicate data and more specifically, the system is designed to allow user to enter and manage data, calculate the physical and financial progress monthly, image uploading for the progress measuring,user privileges maintaining, dashboard function to view the overall projects and process statues and finally generate reports which will be used for top level decision making.