(Sri Lankan’s Trade Hub) is developed in line with the Small Enterprise Development Authority (SED), Ministry of Industry and Commerce. And also, a partnership with Lanka Bell, the truly Sri Lankan Telecommunication company together with Bellvantage Pvt Ltd. The concept of evolved with Sri Lanka’s current economic boost and, with our strategy to reach out to all corners of the island to empower and incorporate Small, Medium and Micro industries to be a part of the economic boost. Meanwhile, the main focus of this project is to help Small, Medium, and Micro industry businesses soar, by exposing them to a larger magnitude of clientele, locally and internationally. This will be done using cyber mediums and by educating these industries on Telecommunication, Marketing and Advertising, to face challenges of present-day clients. How do Small, Medium, and Micro industries keep pace in an evolving and competitive landscape and still connect with your customers in a meaningful way? will help you make the connection with your consumers and build genuinely great, profitable relationships by offering support in the areas of Communication and Information Technology that combine business understanding, industry focus, and deep technical expertise to make your business soar. With the right strategy, vision, and execution, a website becomes a vital component of a company’s success. Our responsive online portal with coherent information architecture and intuitive interface is designed to help you to succeed. Our goal is to elevate how you interact with your customers – sales, service, and marketing. Therefore, our team of experts in fields of IT, IT-Marketing, Communication, and Customer Care will provide you with a platform to set up your business environment under one portal and promote and advertise as per your business needs.